Choose HRS because their team led by an international hotelier who — with his more than 30 years of experience — is equipped with the know-how to tackle the cleaning service obstacles of both the hotel and facilities industries head-on at a competitive and clear cost.

Process Compression

Additionally, their unique method, coined ’Process Compression,’ incentivizes partners’ cleaning staff to work ‘smarter not harder.’ Utilizing this productivity-focused method, HRS is able to analyze and streamline each step of the cleaning process, and effectively save both time and money for their clients. Added to this, HRS relies on quality performance benchmarking as an additional motivational tool in keeping their cleaning teams focused and productive. Additionally, HRS is so confident that there will be marketable improvements with the implementation of these processes, that they will provide stakeholders with a monthly ‘Data Dashboard’ that details the changes in both productivity and efficiency over time.


Through HRS’ unique approach to cleaning and by carefully monitoring their teams’ performance compared to the overall performance of a typical hotel, they have seen time savings of around 90 seconds per bedroom— an effective five percent savings in time and money. If you think your cleaning services could use improvement, contact HRS today and see what you stand to gain.