John Sartain, Owner & Managing Director

John Sartain is the Founder, Owner and Managing Director or Hospitality Resource Solutions. An ex-Hotel General Manager with more than 30 years of international, hotelier experience, Sartain has successfully operated quality hotels in the both United Kingdom and across Asia.

A Permanent Resident in Singapore, Sartain directed both the Grand Copthorne Waterfront and the iconic Mandarin Orchard Hotel as General Manager and was responsible for two record years of profit growth at each. While living and working in Singapore for nearly a decade, Sartain recognized the difficulties hotels were facing in terms of recruiting and retaining effective cleaning staff. This realization led him to found Hospitality Resource Solutions in 2013 to be the industry leader in assisting Singaporean hotels and businesses streamline their cleaning services, enabling them to be both more productive and manpower lean.

Prior to founding HRS, Sartain presided over the Hilton London Kensington’s 601 guestrooms as General Manager. A recognized and respected hotel industry veteran, he has received a number of hotel industry awards during his tenure in the business and has been a fellow of the Institute of Hospitality in the United Kingdom for more than 25 years.

Irene Yeo, Operations Consultant

Irene Yeo has been at the heart of the housekeeping industry in Singapore for more than 40 years. Having worked for some of the most prestigious names in the hospitality arena — Hilton, Fullerton, Goodwood Park, Holiday Inn and Meritus Mandarin — her experience in setting up both housekeeping and laundry operations goes unrivaled. In addition to her local, Singapore experience, Yeo has traveled widely to learn, understand and implement innovative ideas and technology in the space. She recognizes and embraces the changes that HRS is bringing to the hotel housekeeping departments, which have generally been slow to innovate.

Irene Lee, Quality Consultant

Irene Lee is a seasoned housekeeping professional with more than 30 years of experience with hotel organizations such as Hilton, Far East, Meritus, Holiday Inn, and Rendezvous. Her expertise and experience ranges from training and development to hotel openings, serviced apartments, laundry operations, and lecturing. In 1984, Lee was one of the senior housekeepers responsible for forming the Association of Singapore Housekeepers. With the Association, Lee has held the positions of Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary, Vice President, and was acting President from 1998 to 2000.

Carson Lane, PR & Marketing Manager

Having spearheaded media relations efforts for notable industry-disrupting tech companies in the United States, Carson Lane was quick to see the potential in Hospitality Resource Solutions. Confident in her ability to deeply understand the intrinsic business needs of HRS — as well as its clients — Lane ensures the positive development of its brand and voice, and fine-tunes the company’s appearance in the public eye. Lane works closely with the Managing Director to craft tactical messaging and successful public relations strategies that promote the unique story of the company, the prowess of its team, and the salient impact HRS will make on the cleaning service industry as a whole.