Hospitality Resource Solutions is a productivity-focused cleaning services business based in Singapore, that provides efficiency and professionalism to companies and hotels looking to revitalize their core cleaning services. Through HRS’ unique ‘Process Compression’ technique, the company is able to successfully analyze each step of the cleaning process, and streamline methods in a manner that improves staff productivity while reducing costs for clients.

 HRS’ overriding business principle is to develop, train and nurture the Singaporean workforce by creating high-value jobs and careers for locals. It is with this goal in mind that HRS offers trained Singaporean cleaning staff – to hotels and businesses – who have the skills in place to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning departments, drive cost efficiencies and add valuable dollars to business’ bottom lines. The solutions HRS offers are based on the individual needs of each of their customers but are rooted in finding efficiencies and productivity improvements through their ‘Process Compression’ technique. The team at HRS is consistently developing new methods, tools, and materials to help improve cleaning workflow, and they pride themselves on providing reliable, competitively-priced services to those wishing to outsource their cleaning needs.